A Deficiency with Adwords’s Negative Broad Keywords

By January 19, 2013Pay Per Click

I truly believe Adwords is a very sophisticated ad management platform but sometimes I still encounter silly problems that I find perplexing.

While checking my search term report, I found that many irrelevant keywords had triggered my ads even though I added them as negative words a long time ago (well, at least I thought I did)!


After some quick research, I realized that Google’s broad match DOES NOT include word variations for negative keywords – even though it DOES include word variations for positive keywords!

These variations include singular/plural, verb forms, verb tense and synonyms.

Here’s the note on its help center page: “Your ads still might show on variations of the terms that you select as negative keywords.”

The consequence is that we have to enter all variations of negative keywords. It is certainly not very smart.

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