Should You Buy Guaranteed SEO Rankings?

By April 29, 2014 June 9th, 2014 Law Firm Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

I was recently hired by a family law attorney who wants her name to show up on the first page of search engine results for “divorce attorney San Mateo” and “family law attorney San Mateo.” As we painstakingly corrected her outdated information on cyberspace, she received a call from a self-proclaimed Google wizard, guaranteeing that first-page ranking for just $100.

oz wizard

Our client was confused. Everyone is trying to get on that first page, and it has been so hard to achieve that for her. How can someone do it for $100?

The truth is no one can ensure a first-page Google ranking. If that were the case, everyone would line up for that service – including me.

Hiring someone who guarantees high rankings can be risky. Some of you may have heard of black hat SEO. It was all the rage until Google rolled out its Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird filters to crack down on those manipulative activities. Google is trying to be more aggressive in catching black hat SEO activities, which can lead to many websites being banned from Google.

So how can you get on that golden first page without being penalized?

The answer is simple: Develop great content.

However, sometimes the simplest answers take the most work.

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