How Can You Create an Engaging Law Blog?

For the past year I have worked with Elle on creating blog posts for a local law firm client. We work with the firm’s partners to write posts related to their specialties.

The firm benefits from a blog in the following ways:

• It’s fresh content. This helps elevate the firm’s website in Internet search engine rankings.
• It builds the firm’s credibility and makes them an authority in their specialties.
• Blog posts can also be used as newsletters and social media messages.

Readers may not seek our client’s legal services now, but by sending them relevant newsletters on a regular basis the client stays in their crosshairs. When the time comes, they’ll know who to turn to.

Writing a blog isn’t like writing a case file. If you’ve ever spoken about work with people who don’t have a legal background, you’ve probably seen their eyes glaze over. You might be on the hottest case right now, but the terminology you’re using goes over their heads.

By nixing the legalese, you’re making your blog more accessible to your readers – and, in turn, making your firm more accessible to prospective clients.

The value of our content marketing services for a lot of our clients – not just law firms – is that we can break down the industry jargon and communicate in a way that end users can understand. To learn more about how we can help you with your content outreach, contact us today.

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