How Can a Lawyer Become a Subject Matter Expert?

The National Law Review recently posted Stephen Fairley’s six tips for legal marketing. Today we’ll go over Stephen’s first point – expert positioning.


What is expert positioning?

Expert Positioning: Media and Market Specialization. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you should develop an expertise and begin positioning yourself as that recognized expert, by using the media (online and offline) and by targeting a specific practice niche.

Expert positioning is easier said than done. How does a lawyer become a subject matter expert amid a sea of equally driven attorneys?

One of our clients has done a fantastic job building himself up as the go-to speaker in transportation law. He’s asked to speak about new laws for the California Trucking Association and represents companies in the trucking and shipping industries.

His reputation took years to build. Here’s the Cliff Notes version.

1. Go to seminars related to your expertise. For example, our client regularly rubbed shoulders with power players in the state’s transportation agency before he was asked to be a speaker.
2. Any hot news in your field right now? Blog, tweet and link to it. You want to show prospect clients you are heavily invested in your area of expertise. Perhaps you even love it!

Both options require a great deal of time, which is why it helps to have a marketer on your speed dial. When our client reads about a hot-button issue in transportation, he sends a link to us so we can cover it in his firm’s blog and social media channels. We take transportation news items and break them down so non-legal professionals in his field can understand new laws and regulations.

Our work has helped bridge the “legalese” gap between his firm and his prospective clients.

To learn more about expert positioning and how Spicy Spirit can help you become an authority in your field, contact us today.

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