How Can News Hijacking Promote Your Services?

After the Donald Sterling scandal broke I asked one of our clients, a business attorney, if he could blog about it on his firm’s website. The case, I explained, is an example of a partnership dispute.


Our attorney client didn’t want to write about the case because he thought it was too polarizing. However, big stories like these are great “news hijacking” opportunities. Since most people are actively searching for the stories in a short period of time, your content is likely to be searched, found, read, liked and even shared!

News hijacking means turning popular news into marketing content. When promoting services that require technical jargon like law, it’s important to produce content that is accessible to most people. As a marketing specialist for a law firm, it is my job to break down law news so those who don’t have a legal background can understand it. And what better way to draw in readers than to pull stories from The New York Times’ front page?

News hijacking can not only bring in search traffic but also benefit your content in two more ways:

• It makes hard-to-understand laws and rules (like partnership disputes) more interesting and easier to understand.
• By providing your own insights, you’re furthering your reputation as an authority in your field.

Now whenever you read news that is related to your field, think about how to work it into your own content so it will drive search traffic to your website!

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