Customer Service Is Not an Operating Expense

By November 10, 2014Marketing in General

Spicy Spirit is a marketing and advertising agency. So, why are we talking about customer service and why is it not an operating expense?

I recently read Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness” and fell in love with Zappos’ story around how it views customer service as the best form of marketing. Most companies traditionally view it as an operating expense (that they try to minimize).

Zappos has proved to be a great business that built its brand around delivering supreme customer experience that has the potential to significantly increase the lifetime value of a customer. It also brings a tremendous amount of word of mouth that no marketer can afford to ignore.

Our core value is to generate sales for our clients using marketing strategies and tools that we believe fit each client best. If customer service is critical to your business or part of your business model, you need to prioritize your marketing dollars for that instead of a TV or online ad campaign. We would rather help you implement a smooth and tracking-enabled customer service system instead of spending your budget on buying ads.

At Spicy Spirit, we want to provide the best solution for each of our clients possible. That’s why we aim to be a trusted advisor, and not just another marketing vendor.

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