Did you know that only 16% of your Facebook fans can see your Post?

By March 6, 2013 October 15th, 2014 Social Media

Believe it or not, only 16% of your Facebook fans can see your regular post. Well – that’s the industry average.

So you may have 100 fans on your page, but only 16 people will see your post and be able to interact with it. Why?  If your “fan” doesn’t engage with your posts for a few times, Facebook will determine that they are not interested in hearing from you and your post will no longer appear in the fan’s news feed. In other words, the 16% of your fans that see your post are those who have more interactions with your Facebook profile. So if your posts are irrelevant or spammy, your reach is going to be very limited.

In fact, some in the industry say that Facebook has been trying to reduce the average reach rate so that they could increase the sales of promoted posts.

So, if you’d like to increase your reach, there are two things you can do:

1. Increase the relevancy of your posts and try to make them more engaging.

2. Start promoting your posts with Facebook (with the assumption that they are engaging and relevant for your fans).

To learn more about Facebook’s reach reduction, read Facebook Has Decreased Page Reach, And Here’s Why

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