Yes! Great Content = Great Google Ranking

If you are a small business and don’t have a big marketing budget, can you rank higher on Google than your large competitors?

The answer is a definitive “yes.”

Here are two real stories:

  1. A law firm client in the bay area had not done much about its website prior to 2012: they hadn’t update it for years, didn’t keep a consistent URL when their partnership changed, didn’t create a permanent redirection from their old URL to new URL and didn’t add new content to their website. Of course, they had an almost non-existent ranking on Google and were hard to find from any keyword.


Now two years have passed. With a decent website and incredibly good and fresh content, this firm’s website has consistently ranked within the top three organic positions for its targeted keywords.

Finally (this is for SEO nerds), in two years, the firm’s PageRank went from zero to four.

  1. Spicy Spirit Marketing itself. If we don’t rank well ourselves, how can we prove our expertise to others? Since our industry is filled with marketing geniuses and SEO gurus, it has been extraordinarily difficult to rank for certain keywords such as “online marketing agency” “internet marketing services” and other similar terms that customers commonly search on. Over the past couple of years, we significantly expanded our Google footprint. In our home base of San Mateo and nearby surrounding cities, we are ranking between 5th and 8th position for general terms like those listed above. We are even above many of the best and largest multinational SEO agencies. Of course, location favors us for local searches. However, for a small business to rank highly on Google for a generic term across multiple cities is an incredible feat!


What is our recipe? It is our dedicated Marketing Blog! Much like our law firm client, we consistently create fresh relevant content for our blog that gives us an advantage for Google rankings.

We as small businesses can win on Google! Don’t wait. Get your writing started today!

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