Have You Installed Google Tag Manager Yet?

By February 22, 2017Analytics & Reporting

If you haven’t heard of Google Tag Manager, then take a quick look at this video and get ready to be amazed.

As a marketer, I often work with web developers to install various types of tracking codes such as AdWords conversion tracking, remarketing, Facebook pixels and etc. At times, there is miscommunication in between the parties and other times, there is simply a delay from the developer side and all we can do is to wait. And we hate waiting, don’t we 😉 And more importantly, reducing the amount of java script code on your website should help speed up webpage load times.

Now with GTM (short for Google Tag Manager), it basically frees up the web developers from embedding every other code. As a marketing professional, whether you are in-house marketing manager, or an agency account manager, you can add in a new tracking code easily by firing that tag within GTM.

If you are ready to get started, I highly recommend you check out MeasureSchool’s video tutorials for beginners. Happy watching! Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance with implementing GTM tracking!

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