How Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Affects Your Website’s SEO

By October 25, 2013 January 16th, 2014 Search Engine Optimization

Are you confused by all of the of the Google algorithms floating around?

Well brace yourself, because on August 30th the company started using Hummingbird, which the company says approaches search inquiries in a more humane manner and provides better search results.


Google announced Hummingbird on September 26th, its 15th birthday. The algorithm takes a number of factors, such as PageRank and quality, in determining whether a website contains information relevant to a search inquiry. It embraces a “conversational search” when producing search results, instead of just relying on particular keywords.

For example, say you search for the following: “How do I care for my Lululemon shorts?” Prior to Hummingbird, a traditional search engine might have found and produced webpages that have the words “Lululemon” and “shorts.” The results wouldn’t exactly address your question.

Now that Hummingbird is out, Google will produce search results based on the meaning behind your search inquiry. Now when you type “How do I care for my Lululemon shorts?” in Chrome, the first search engine result is Lululemon’s how-to guide on washing its clothes.

At Spicy Spirit we’re excited over Hummingbird and how it will positively affect our own SEO efforts. As long as we keep producing original and relevant content for our clients, our websites’ search rankings will only improve under this new algorithm.

To learn more about this Google algorithm, read Search Engine Land’s FAQ on Hummingbird.

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