How to Add Valuable Keywords Quickly

By January 17, 2012Pay Per Click

If you manage an Adwords account, especially when you first start one, you’ve probably seen that Adwords suggests new words periodically. However, many times these suggested new words are not so relevant.

A better way to fill up your account with valuable keywords is to use the feature – SEE SEARCH TERMS.

I won’t repeat the procedure in terms of how to use it since Adwords has explained it step by step already.

I’m going to share a tip about how to add a large volume of keywords quickly.

When you try to add new words from the Keywords Detail List, they will be added as broad match at default, which you probably don’t want. Instead, what you can do is:

1. Add them in broad match first.

2. Immediately open your Adwords editor (the desktop widget) & download the latest account data.

3. Go to keywords and click the “Status” tab and look for those marked “Under Review”. They are the words you just added from the Adwords page. There is not enough time for these new words to be approved yet.

4. Choose all the newly added broad match keywords and bulk edit them to phrase or exact match.

Hope this little tip helps!

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