Internet Marketing Is More Than Just SEO

By January 19, 2012 January 16th, 2014 Search Engine Optimization

I’m writing this post because I’m shocked to hear how many people have heard of the term SEO and mistakenly thought of it as internet marketing.

I recently went to a networking event in San Francisco. The event attracted about two to three hundred attendees; all of them are local professionals in the bay area. It was a great opportunity to promote Spicy Spirit. While talking to dozens of people, I found that when I said we are doing internet marketing, most people didn’t have much of a reaction but they frequently commented, “You mean, SEO?” I said, “Yes, but that’s only a small part of what we do!”

I felt the urge to clarify the definition of online marketing. It is not just SEO and it is not just marketing on Facebook. It is the marketing strategy that aims to build brand awareness & increase sales for businesses and organizations via the use of internet platforms and applications. From optimizing a website’s UI design to advertising with Google’s Adwords, and to cultivating a fan community on Facebook, all these efforts are used towards reaching your online marketing goals. For B2B companies, I normally focus on search marketing campaigns, including SEM and SEO. For B2C companies, besides search, there is a large amount of social media marketing work to be done.

Obviously, internet marketing is a much larger topic than SEO. What else does internet marketing include other than SEO? To just name a few: landing page optimization, search advertising (search engine marketing or Pay per Click), display advertising (including remarketing), blogging, email marketing and social media marketing…

Hope this post clarifies what we do as an internet marketing company.

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