More and more companies of all sizes are targeting the emerging Chinese consumer. In the United States, the need to tap into this affluent group is more apparent than ever, with an increasing number of Chinese citizens investing in U.S. businesses and real estate. While business owners want to sell to these Chinese consumers, they don’t necessarily know how to reach them. That’s where Spicy Spirit’s marketing services come into play. Our bilingual team members have years of experience designing websites and managing marketing campaigns in both English and Chinese.

Look no further than our work with, a Santa Clara based Chinese e-commerce travel agency, where we manage large online advertising campaigns targeting Chinese tourists all over the world. Or Chauvel & Glatt, a San Mateo based law firm, where we have generated leads and revenue from local Chinese customers. Our Chinese marketing experience also includes servicing Fortune 500 companies in China such as Motorola and BMW.

Don’t overlook the growing number of Chinese consumers. Contact us today to learn how Spicy Spirit Marketing can help you connect with this vital demographic.


我们的团队有着多年的中英文市场及广告服务经验。在中国大陆,我们服务过世界500强的公司比如摩托罗拉及宝马集团。在旧金山湾区,我们服务于美国最大的旅游订购网之一:路路行,为他们管理全球在线广告项目。我们也服务于本地的小型企业,例如Chauvel & Glatt, LLP律师事务所,为他们开拓公司附近的新客户资源。