Marketing During Your Summer Vacation

During these balmy summer months you may be tempted to take a break from your marketing efforts. After all, school’s out, everyone’s in and out of the office, and you’re seeing fewer people at networking meetings and events. Everyone seems to be on vacation these days — why shouldn’t you?

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However, the Spicy Spirit team isn’t easing up on our networking and business development opportunities. Expect to see our newsletter once a week, even though Elle will spend July trekking through India and China. Later this month I’ll be out of town for what I expect will be an epic week-long road trip to Austin — and will set aside two hours a day to attend to clients and work on projects.
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Working through our vacation is expected for building our business. That said, Elle and I still believe R&R is critical to any professional’s success. Work hard, play hard. … As long as business is done, you can ride off into the sunset (or Disneyland).
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So what do you need to do to keep your marketing campaign alive while you’re off the clock? We recommend you do the following:
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  1. A week before you leave, meet with your marketing team. Are there any projects in the works? Any work you need to contribute or finalize?
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  3. Assign a partner or colleague as the go-to person for all marketing-related inquiries. If a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle calls for your input on a case, who can speak on your behalf?
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  5. Let your marketing team know which questions and scenarios justify a call and email to you. If a PR disaster occurs, you should be notified immediately. If your writer just needs you to review a blog post, a partner could do that for you.
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  7. If your stand-in has never worked with your marketing team before, let him or her know that marketing projects are crucial to the firm’s business development and success. It’s important your colleague knows that marketing matters can’t be shelved for weeks or even days.
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Ideally you will check in every few days to make sure the wheels are turning. But if you’d rather go off the grid, that’s OK too — just make sure you cover all of the bases listed above first.
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For more information on legal marketing and how to build business while you’re out of town, contact us today.

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