Online Sales Results that Matter for DSA

DSA’s Challenge – Acquiring More Online Sales Leads with Limited Budget

For over 35 years, DSA has specialized in the design, manufacture, and import of illuminated displays, poster frames and innovative, energy-saving display solutions. From illuminated LED and fluorescent products to multimedia touch-screen kiosks, DSA offers the latest in visual presentation technology.

In 2008, DSA’s CEO looked to grow his business through the internet and hired a well-known agency to implement search engine marketing. DSA’s CEO understood that many of his new customers liked the ease of requesting custom quotes through his website and search engine marketing was a way to get customers to DSA’s website so that they would fill out a custom quote.

At first, in 2008, DSA found modest success acquiring new sales leads through search engine marketing, but the CEO quickly ran into problems scaling his online sales in 2009. He tried to throw more money at search engine marketing through his agency, but he found that instead of getting more online leads, he was only increasing his cost per acquired sales lead. Worse, his agency at the time thought that the only solution was to spend even more money to grow his online sales.

Presenting DSA in a Whole New Light to its Customers

DSA started working with Spicy Spirit in 2010, and the first problem that Spicy Spirit identified was that the website’s user interface was not optimal for DSA’s customers.  Spicy Spirit redesigned DSA’s website to make it more user-friendly so that customers could easily find what they needed about DSA’s product. In addition, DSA’s online lead generation process was re-imagined.  This included:

1. Highlighting a prominent “Request a Free Quote” button to drive immediate lead generation

DSA Homepage After Spicy Spirit Redesign

2. Improving the lead generation page by removing unnecessary questions

Old lead gen page versus new lead gen page for DSA


Search Engine Marketing that Drives DSA’s Business Performance

Once the website was redesigned, Spicy Spirit implemented a dramatically improved search engine marketing strategy for DSA. A few of the steps taken were to:

  • Find the right keyword list that resonated with DSA’s customers and would drive traffic to the website from the top search engines (i.e. Google)
  • Craft messages that inspired the searcher to continue the interaction with DSA on their website and ultimately drive an online sales lead
  • Eliminate the keywords that drove traffic to DSA’s website, but did not lead to online sales
  • Continuously experiment with new search engine marketing features, such as re-marketing, or with other media properties and search engines (i.e. Yahoo, Bing)


Spicy Spirit Drives Results that Matter for DSA

In a two year time span, Spicy Spirit enabled DSA to dramatically grow its online sales leads, while at the same time drastically decreasing the cost per online sales lead.

The results produced were as follows:

  • 133% increase in weekly online sales leads
  • 44% reduction in cost per online sale lead


By re-imagining DSA’s website and implementing a new search engine marketing strategy, Spicy Spirit was able to drive DSA’s business to new heights.

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