SEO (short for search engine optimization) is defined as the practice of optimizing a website’s content and structure as well as attracting high quality backlinks so that it can get a good ranking on search engines and thus gains more exposure to online users.

SEO is commonly misunderstood and a notorious subject due to twisted techniques that companies have employed to increase their rank.

At Spicy Spirit, we aim to give you the best long-term value by performing SEO tasks with your customers’ needs in mind.

So what do we do differently?

We build and optimize websites with only one goal in mind: how to let users find what they want in the shortest amount of time. Then we ask questions like the following:

  • Do you have descriptive title tags and meta descriptions on the search result pages of our website?
  • Do you have a clean website that users know how to navigate?
  • Do you submit press releases regularly or blog on your own site?
  • Is your loading speed fast enough so users won’t leave because of waiting?
  • Is your web content visible on an iPad or iPhone?

If your website is liked by your customers, it will be liked by the search engines. We have found that the above approach brings the most long-term value to our customers.