Invest in the Power of Social Media

Consumer-generated reviews on Amazon. Blogging. Facebook. Youtube. Twitter. Viral marketing. There’s no doubt about it, social media is booming. And it’s no wonder. Social media puts the power of the Web into the hands of individuals. At the same time, this shift in power is wreaking havoc with how your small business markets its products. Business owners are not used to relinquishing control. However, what businesses are now beginning to realize, however, is that this change also unearths a myriad of opportunities.

What Does Social Media Mean to Your Company?

It means that your company needs to adapt to the “new rules” of marketing. Rather than pushing marketing messages out to your customers, it means engaging with your customers on an entirely different level. It means talking directly to your customer where they are — on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and other social platforms. It means giving your customers the tools to interact with your products or services however they choose. It means more conversation, more education, and less one-way communication and less sitting behind your desk waiting to take an order.


By utilizing social media, your company stands to gain in many ways:

  • Increased brand loyalty from your customers
  • The most trusted of reviews: peer recommendations and word-of-mouth opinion
  • Direct, real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your products, services, and messages
  • A group of advocates who are able to spread your company’s message beyond what the your company can do by itself

The use of social media delivers long-term rewards that can substantially improve your relationships with customers both new and old.