Spicy Clip of the Week: IKEA’s “One Room Paradise”

By July 11, 2013 November 25th, 2013 Spicy Works

When children play with dolls, they usually have a mom, dad and kid in a grand Barbie Dreamhouse.

However, in this week’s Spicy Clip of the Week, IKEA puts a fresh spin on the concept by telling the story of a single mom and her son in a one-bedroom apartment.

While the family may seem unconventional, we think IKEA used the single-parent household to its full advantage. Single-mother households are often limited by single incomes, so space and budget for furniture is tight. And there are few budget-friendly alternatives to IKEA.

IKEA’s stores include demo rooms to show how its furniture perfectly blends in small living situations, so we think the commercial and IKEA’s branding go hand in hand.

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