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Spicy Prints: Krispy Kreme’s “Doughnuts Are Bad for You”

By January 11, 2014January 23rd, 2015Spicy Works

Sugar has been named public enemy No. 1 by health nuts around the world. Krispy Kreme was not exempt, with the company’s donuts making unhealthiest food lists.

In its “Doughnuts Are Bad for You” ad, Krispy Kreme meets the criticism head-on.


Doughnuts are bad for you.

So are cream cakes, lie-ins and loud rock music. So is sugar. If you take it in your tea, stop immediately. If you take two sugars in your tea, obviously you’re trying to commit suicide and it’s a cry for help. Don’t do it. Your life is precious.

Not drinking enough water is bad for you. You must drink 6 ½ pints a day, or you’ll get dehydrated and that’s bad for you too. Don’t drink too much though, that can be really bad for you. If you drink over 14 pints at once it makes you feel drunk. So don’t drink too much water and drive.

T.V is bad for you. Watching too much can cost you your friends. None at all and you’ve got nothing to talk to them about. Lack of exercise is bad for you. But getting addicted to gyms is bad for you too. Also, some gym towels aren’t laundered properly and spread germs. Germs are bad for you.

Stress is bad for you. Well, at least too much stress is bad for you. Not enough and you don’t realise you’re alive which is bad for you too. The thing is, life and the living that is involved is bad for you. It must be, because it kills everyone in the end.

At Krispy Kreme, we think the key to life, by which we mean eating doughnuts, is balance. Sure, if you eat them morning, noon, and night and they are brought directly to your armchair, then that would be bad. But then if you’ve never felt the pleasure of eating a delicious fluffy original glazed doughnut hot off the line and, heaven forbid, you get struck by lightning, well surely that would be really bad. Really really bad.

The ad has gone viral for a number of reasons.

First, it’s funny. Instead of providing mind-numbingly dull research to suggest donuts are OK to eat, Krispy Kreme lampoons its zealous critics with dry wit. The company has turned the tables on healthy-living advocates by pulling out that old cliché, “too much of a good thing.”

Second, despite its sarcastic tone the ad is also poignant. It makes us think about our mortality, our desire for companionship and the need for balance. These themes are unexpected for a junk food ad and can appeal to anyone’s sentimentalities – even those who really do believe sugar is evil.

Finally, it is unapologetic. Many fast food chains have addressed criticism by providing healthy items on their menus. Krispy Kreme could have trotted out a healthier alternative, but the company chose to stick with its guns (and, in this case, fatty ingredients).

While Spicy Spirit believes donuts should be consumed in moderation, we admire a company committed to its brand.

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