Spicy Slogan of the Week: BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

By August 9, 2013 January 23rd, 2015 Spicy Works


One would be hard-pressed to think of a tagline more popular in the automobile industry than BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” which we have selected as our Spicy Slogan of the Week.

The tagline was developed by Martin Puris, then the chief executive of Ammirati & Puris, in 1975. Prior to BMW, the agency was well-known for its Fiat ads but was still considered an underdog. BMW’s EVP of sales at the time, Bob Lutz, took a chance when he hired A&P, and his gamble paid off.

The Spicy Spirit team finds the slogan noteworthy due to its emphasis on the experience of driving a BMW. Other car campaigns highlight miles per gallon, aesthetics and green features. BMW may fall short in these areas when compared to its competitors, but it is a brand dripping with luxury, and the company chose to capitalize on that for its marketing efforts.

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  • J. Barry Mitchell says:

    Martin Puris DID NOT create this tag line.It was created by me and two other original BMW/NA managers in 1975 before Puris was in the picture.Bob Lutz was BMW AG sales manager before BMW/NA was established. He was elsewhere when BMWNAa was established. I worked for Hoffman Motors the BMW distributor which was bought out by BMW AG. Advertising insiders say that Puris has perpetuated this lie so frequently he actually believes it!

    It is likely that I am the oldest living BMW employee in the U.S. having started with Max Hoffman in 1971.

    • Sesa Pabalan says:

      Hi Barry,

      Thank you for clarifying! I wanted to email you about the possibility of interviewing you for a future Spicy Spirit post, but I don’t think you gave us your right email. If you’re interested, can you please contact me at sesa at spicyspirit dot com?

      Thanks again – Sesa

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