Spicy Slogan of the Week: “I Want to be Recycled”

By July 19, 2013 January 23rd, 2015 Spicy Works


The Spicy Spirit team is diligent about maintaining a green work environment. So we were delighted to see Keep America Beautiful’s “I Want to be Recycled” campaign, which we’ve selected as our Spicy Slogan of the Week.

The whole look and feel of the campaign is rather unexpected. When we think of reasons why we should recycle, gritty landfills first come to mind. But everything about this ad, from its retro font to the bright blades of grass, takes us to a whimsical, dream-like state.

By placing the subject, an opened plastic bottle, in the center of the ad, we focus on it and hear its plea. The ad manages to convey its message without lecturing us, which is why we think it will be well-received by the public.

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