Spicy Clip of the Week: Skype’s “The Born Friends Family Portrait”

By November 8, 2013 November 25th, 2013 Spicy Works

In our Spicy Clip of the week, Skype shows us how “Internet friends” can become friends in real life.

Paige and Sarah felt an instant connection because they were both born without an arm. That bond flourished via Skype, and despite the thousands of miles between them they kept in touch for eight years.

This summer Skype asked its users to send stories on how they’ve stayed in touch over video chat, and once the company learned about Paige and Sarah it decided to unite the two best friends.

The Spicy Spirit team not only finds this commercial tear-inducing but also strongly effective. Through the “Born Friends Family Portrait,” Skype has shown that relationships can thrive by using its software.

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