Spicy Spirit Marketing at the 2014 Sing Tao Asian Expo 星岛工展会

Spicy Spirit Marketing was proud to be a sponsor at the 2014 Sing Tao Asian Expo in San Mateo, CA on August 30th and August 31st. The Sing Tao Asian Expo is organized by the Sing Tao Daily and had more than 200 vendors who provide business, food, leisure and entertainment goods and services for the San Francisco Bay Area Chinese community.

我们很荣幸参加了今年在San Mateo市举办的星岛工展会。由星岛日报承办,本次展会中的200多家旧金山湾区的商户分别来自商务服务,食品,旅游休闲,以及娱乐等多个行业。

SingtaoSpicy Spirit Marketing services small- to medium-sized businesses and can build marketing campaigns and projects around any budget, including those tailored for the Chinese community. Our services include — but are not limited to — the following:

Spicy Spirit Marketing专门服务于中小型企业。我们的特色是给每个客户提供全方位的个性化服务。每一套市场,公关,及广告方案,从预算,设计风格到传播渠道都是为客户量身定做的。我们的服务项目包括:


Some of our clients who have used our Chinese marketing services include:

我们的客户当中不乏北美甚至海外的华人企业,比如瑞麦地产,Chauvel & Glatt律师楼,路路行旅游订购网。

Interested in boosting your online sales, including to the Chinese community? Book a phone consultation on our website. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can elevate your business!


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