Take Your Facebook Marketing to the Next Level

By October 15, 2014Law Firm Marketing, Social Media

For the past decade, advertising on Facebook has been met with mixed reviews:  some business owners like it, some don’t. However, recent changes to Facebook Advertising may change your perspective. Compared to years ago when Facebook was offering small banner ads on the right hand side of their website that many of us ignored, today’s marketing on Facebook has become much more sophisticated and can be extremely effective.

I’d like to introduce three relatively new marketing tactics using Facebook’s self-serve ad manager.

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  • The “custom audience.”

Custom audience is a feature within Facebook’s ads manager which allows advertisers to upload a list of emails or phone numbers and Facebook can match this information with its users and serve dedicated ads to them only. In other words, if you’ve got a list of potential clients that you’d like to market to, now you can design customized ads on Facebook that are only shown to these potential customers.

  • Remarketing with Facebook has never been more promising.

Have you ever come across the same shirt on Facebook that you almost bought on Amazon earlier? Remarketing, also called retargeting, helps an advertiser (such as Amazon) reach its customers who have previously visited its website or mobile app but had not performed an expected action, such as completing an order. A remarketing ad displays the same product a user has previously seen, on the next website the user visits (which in many cases is Facebook). Remarketing with Facebook used to be only allowed if the advertiser signed up with a Facebook Exchange Service Provider, such as AdRoll.  Now everyone can do it directly within the custom audience in Facebook’s ads manager. Simply place a tracking code on your website or mobile app and define the rules within Facebook to select the perfect remarketing audience for your business. Then you can design “reminder” ads to serve to these audiences.

  • Expand your “custom audience” with the “lookalike audience” feature.

Thanks to Facebook’s massive knowledge about its users, it can easily analyze the demographic of your lists of “custom audience” and come up with a list of similar people. According to Facebook, “You can create a lookalike audience based on people who like your Page, conversion pixels or any of your existing Custom Audiences.”

Ready to try or retry Facebook for your business? Feel free to schedule a consultation with me to design a strategy for your campaign.


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