Three Things to Consider Before You Start Advertising on Baidu

By February 25, 2014Pay Per Click

This post is for businesses trying to target the consumer market in mainland China. Adwords, Google’s pay per click advertising platform, has been our favorite due to its cost-effectiveness. Some of our clients hope to expand their brands into the Chinese market and of course, Baidu, Google’s equivalent in China, will be considered.

Though a business can be widely successful with Adwords, it may encounter difficulties trying to figure out how to be on Baidu, not to mention how to achieve effectiveness. The team at Spicy Spirit would like you to consider the following factors before making the investment.

1)      Advertising as a foreign business undergoes strict scrutiny. You may never hear back from them if you directly contract them. A Baidu-related SEM agency, AdSage can help a foreign business achieve permission to advertise quickly, but with a cost.

2)      Your data within Adwords is confidential and nobody knows your exact budget or CPC bids. Google reps know of course but they probably won’t risk telling anyone else. However, such information can be easily slipped from AdSage reps’ mouths to your competitors.

3)      Advertising on Baidu can face much harder competition. If you take a close look at Baidu’s search result page for the keyword “特价机票” (i.e. discounted flight tickets), you will realize the 1st page is almost filled with ads instead of just three on Google. (The word “推广” to the right of the web addresses indicates they are ads)


Though pay per click model is similar between Google and Baidu, there are definitely challenges you might have not anticipated before you start.  To learn more about doing marketing in Chinese language or in China, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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