By January 24, 2015Marketing in General

Spicy Spirit Marketing is proudly announcing our first all-Chinese website,! TipsforCards’s Chinese name is 北美信用卡攻略 and its purpose is to provide useful tips for credit card use in North America for the growing population of Chinese students, tourists and immigrants in the United States and Canada.

At the November 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, President Obama introduced a new plan to extend Chinese US business and tourist visas to 10 years. With this change, there will be significantly more travelers coming from China for both short term and long term stays to the United States who will desire North American financial products and services. They will also want to establish a credit history here in the U.S. for their future needs – such as loans for expensive items such as houses and cars.

TipsforCards is a portal providing the most comprehensive information about North America’s credit cards and gift cards. On top of that, it will open up a community for Chinese users to share their own tips and experiences.

We are excited about TipforCards and the value it will bring to the Chinese community!

Visit  北美信用卡攻略 now.

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