At Spicy Spirit, we believe that your website design must be continuously evaluated based on how your customers use your website.

If you are a business owner, has your website design accurately captured the needs of your customers? Do you have a webmaster that will look at your web analytics report on a weekly basis or at least a monthly basis to determine what works for your customers? Do you know if your website has lost customers over time or how many new customers come from Facebook? Which webpages get used the most and why? Not surprisingly, we have seen so many small business owners who have never looked at their web analytics reports and understood how their website is being used by their customers.

At Spicy Spirit, we understand the needs of small businesses and can be your dedicated webmaster that assists with web analysis, reporting and optimizing your website design based on your customers needs.

Spicy Spirit’s designers and engineers are trained experts in user-centric online behavior and user interfaces. Examples of how we increased our clients’ internet sales through optimizing website design can be found in the Portfolio section. Should you have any question regarding your website design performance or if you need a website built from scratch, do not hesitate to contact us.