What you should know about Adwords’ New Remarketing Code?

By October 13, 2012Pay Per Click

Recently Marc Weisinger‘s post on Search Engine Watch, Why You Should Use the New Google Remarketing Code has received a large amount of feedback. I noticed this article was short of details on what you should do after you set up the new remarketing code, which is also referred to as “the universal tag”. If you are not sure what this term means, you should read his blog first.

Now if you have added the tag to each and every page of your website, what should you do now? You need to create some kind of rule based list of audiences so that you can start your remarketing advertisements.

First, you should create an audience group that utilizes the new universal tag. Go to Shared Library >> Audience; click on the New Audience tab and choose Remarketing List. Then you will see the exact page where you can create a rule-based list of audiences. The ability of setting lists based on URL components is amazing because it is so much easier than manually adding codes.


The second thing is that the old audience lists you have CANNOT be converted to this rule-based method. ONLY when you create a new list is when you can enjoy the rule based (URL based) method. Google actually recommends to simply close the old lists and remove the old code from your website so you will only see the new remarketing lists in the account. Not a bad idea except removing code requires some programming hours.

Third, after you create a new list, you still need to wait for it to accumulate 100 people.

Last, what if you want to combine two or more lists of audiences for an Ad group?

Easy. Just create each list first by the way we just described earlier. Then click the New Audience tab again and choose Custom Combination. Here you can combine any existing lists of audiences and give it a new name.

Let me know if you have any more questions about remarketing with Adwords!

Have a great weekend everyone! 😉


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