What’s the best feature in Adwords?

By September 24, 2012Pay Per Click

I believe that if you are diligent on your Adwords account management, you will probably agree that the most important feature in Adwords is the “Keywords Detail >> Search Terms >> All” tabs. I rely on it at least once a week to add important keywords and negative keywords.

It shows you exactly what keywords people used (via search queries) to trigger your Ad and what kind of match you have for that query. The immediate benefit is to alert you on two situations: 1) You need to add those keywords in the search query that are not included as an exact match or phrase match. By doing this, you can have a more accurate keywords list and therefore save money. 2) You need to add more negative keywords because people are clicking on your ads for a lot of things you are not related to. That too will also save you money!

I strongly believe that Adwords, in the long run, is a matter of diligence. As I put in more and more accurate keywords and negative keywords, I have significantly reduced the cost per click for my clients. Then with the same amount of spending, you receive more click volume, more traffic, more conversions and ultimately a lower cost per conversion! Sounds easy, right? Don’t be lazy, start looking at your keywords details now!

adwords_search_term_reportLastly, I’d like to give the following feedback to the Adwords team at Google: the way to add keywords / negative keywords is not very user-friendly. For example, after you choose a bunch of keywords and click “add as…”, you can’t easily set up their match type or the ad groups you want each word to go to. Furthermore, for negative keywords, I normally want to add one word in its broad format rather than add a phrase in its exact format, then type in the broad word and click save. The keywords detail won’t show me if the original phrase is excluded successfully.  I think it should show exclusion if any word in the phrase is marked as negative.

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