Should You Write About Your Personal Life On Your Law Blog?

By June 12, 2014 June 18th, 2014 Law Firm Marketing

For a lawyer, trust from a client is paramount. Before a client gives you his trust, he needs to like you first. People like to stereotype lawyers as being serious and inapproachable. Therefore, it may take a while for a prospective client to break that bias and get to know you a little better.

As you work to impress your client with your expertise and knowledge, consider adding a personal touch to your marketing.

While servicing my own lawyer clients, I learned the personal posts received more engagement (i.e., reader comments and likes) than the professional ones. Our lawyers are active in the local community and – despite their busy schedules – have lives outside the office.

By creating posts that go beyond the law, prospective clients get a chance to know your law firm on a more intimate level. Showing you are invested in your community breaks the serious and inflexible lawyer stereotype.

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So what types of personal posts are appropriate for your blog?

• Nonprofit work
• Athletic endeavors
• Academic endeavors
• Team retreats/bonding
• Family (engagements, births, etc.)

It is possible to get too personal on your firm’s blog. We recommend not posting the following:

• Politics (which can be polarizing)
• Incriminating photos (intoxication, rowdy behavior, skimpy clothing)
• Anything you would not reveal to a new client in person

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